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Pulsar Digital is a specialist web, app, and software development company dedicated exclusively to empowering British charities, community leaders and SMEs.

Dedicated & Experienced Developers

Pulsar Digitals developers are highly trained and experienced computer science, web developers and application developers.

SME & Entrepreneur Experience

Pulsar Digitals SME development team have worked in and for SMEs and understand the challenges and opportunities.

Experienced CMS

All Pulsar Digital websites are built on the world renowned WordPress CMS. Ensuring stability, reliability, and ease of use.

Third Sector

Pulsar Digitals charity team are not only experts in development, they also are passionate advocates of Philantrapy. They’ll understand your missions.

United Kingdom

All Pulsar Digital websites are hosted on our dedicated servers in the United Kingdom.

Dedicated Graphic

Pulsar Digital only work with experienced and knowledgable graphic artists to best ensure the professional branding of our customers websites.

Community Leader Expertise

Pulsar Digitals community leadership development team have lifelong first hand experience in leadership roles within their communities.

Digital Security

All Pulsar Digital websites come with SSL certificates as standard. We understand the importance of customer peace of mind.

Monthly Maintenance

Pulsar Digitals monthly / yearly subscription packages ensures our customers websites are always professionally maintained.

Start Your Journey With Pulsar Digital In Four Easy Steps

Dedicated Account Management

As a Pulsar Digital client you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager, who you can contact directly via email and phone.

And Secure

At Pulsar Digital, our top priority is the security and safely of our customers digital IP. Our websites are all hosted on our dedicated servers within the United Kingdom, and all come with SSL certificates as standard.

Our Clients

12.18.2021 10:24 PM
From Our Client

"Working with a development company who truly understands the challenges, opportunities and enthusiasm of charity leaders is as important to use as their technical capabilities. Combining the two ensures that our charity has the digital brand we are looking to create… this is the advance of working with Pulsar Digital."

11.08.2021 2:15 PM
From Our Client

"As a local councillor and community leader it’s important to me that my constituents are able to see first hand what I’m doing in our community. Equally important is the ease in which they can reach out to me with their comments, questions and concerns. A Pulsar Digital Community Leader website allows me to do both."

03.11.2021 12:39 PM
From Our Client

"As a young female entrepreneur looking to sustainable grow my small business, I know it’s important that I present the correct image online. I need to concentrate on running my business, and not maintaining my website - I’m not an expert in that field. Pulsar Digitals SMEs monthly subscription allows me to do just that."

10.9.2021 3:38 PM
From Our Client

"There are thousands of web development companies and freelances in the United Kingdom, though very few who truly understand the financial constraints we are under, and even less who have the ability to truly deliver the professionalism we are seeking. Pulsar Digital is one of those very few."

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