Pulsar Digital was launched by Tia McMurry Sinclair
with a two very specific missions in mind:

To empower small (less than £1 million turnover) charities increase their reach and community engagement and outreach throughout the UnitedKingdom and

To empower small businesses to increase their awareness, revenues and create sustainable job opportunities throughout the United Kingdom.

Firstly you might be asking “Why Pulsar Digital was chosen as the company name”?

Throughout the universe Pulsar Stars are used to map out the wonders off our universe, and will one day help navigate us to explore distant worlds.

On a smaller scale Pulsar Digital will help map out the roadmap for digital success of our customers, and help them navigate to a more sustainable future… having a friend who is crazy about Astronomy was also involved.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 we have seen the pressures being placed upon our small charities increase drastically. Local British charities have seen a rapid increase in demand for their services from within the communities they serve, while our proud international development charities have seen their funding slashed just as their work was taking on an even higher level of importance.

As a charity volunteer, supporter and activist I have seen first hand the critically important role these charities play in communities throughout the United Kingdom, and beyond. As a young adult I know how important digital communications are to charities when they are trying to catch the

attention of their most engaging and vocal target audience – my generation. I therefore wanted to launch a dedicated company designed exclusively to empower the longterm success of these charities. Capital (upfront) costs are the number one reason why small charities can’t have the best digital presence – my team and I believe we can solve this problem – by offering qualified small charities a grant to cover 100% of the upfront costs of our services, with only a minimal monthly management subscription fee.

Though it isn’t only our small charities that have been so badly impacted by Covid-19 over the last two years, our small and high street businesses have been crippled by the necessary lockdowns

Sputting jobs and livelihoods at risk. If Covid-19 has taught our small businesses anything it’s the importance of being able to engage and sell to their customers in the digital world. Many small business owners understand this importance, though simply can’t justify the expense over the short-term – no matter it’s importance to their sustainability and longterm viability. I felt a passion to support these small businesses.

Pulsar Digital launched a similar service offering to that which we offer charities, aimed exclusively towards British SMEs – no upfront cost, and a simple monthly subscription plan that spreads the design costs and includes our monthly support package. Our SME empowerment subscriptions are available to all British small businesses.

I’ve been asked many times

“what’s the reason the charity subscription rates are lower than for SMEs”,

the answer is simple:

“Both my investors and myself believe strongly in supporting charities deliver more services, to as large a group of those needing their assistance as possible. They are non-profits and always there when they are needed. SMEs need support, they’ve had an extremely tough time, and with our help and their dedication will become a sustainable profitable business – therefore have a higher capacity to pay.”

Pulsar Digital

empowering British charities and SMEs achieve their full potential in the ever changing digital world.

I’m a 20 year old female entrepreneur living on the outskirts of Newcastle, in the English North East. I’m certainly a proud Northern lady who has a lifelong commitment to charities, community groups and have a drive to be a community leader.

My passion and drive has always been to fully utilise the skills, talents, and inter-personal skills in whatever I set myself to do. My strength is in my ability to form strong and lasting relationships, to capitalise on those relationships, and ensure I succeed in any task I set myself. I’m a traditional go getter!

Having completed my A-Levels I’m now a part time law, while being active in a range of local, national and international charities. While I have great respect, and understand the importance of a university education, my heart is firmly in building and directing my own future and destiny – and that calls for an entrepreneurial life.

A Little about Tia

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